As parents, we’ve been using cloth nappies from the get-go.

Initially, we started with a pack of 5 nappies for Hailey but then added another 5 a few weeks later. This was because we decided that after not having any nappy rash and saving approximately $35 a week on disposable nappies, going with the cloth full time worked out best for our wallets in the long run.

Modern cloth nappies work like a padded undies for your little one – complete with clips that allows your nappy to grow with bubs. We started off with the smallest setting and continued to adjust the sizing as necessary during her growth spurts.

Our nappies are all pocket nappies, which means that each nappy comes with a pocket that you insert an absorbable layer inside. These inserts are three layers of moisture holding micro fiber that helps keep little bottoms dry. During night times, we often double it to prevent the need for bubs to wake up for a nappy change.

Over the past 2 years of using reusable cloth nappies, here are some learning points we found out that aren’t written about anywhere:

  • when using cloth nappies with newborns, it’s better to go up a few sizes for pants.
  • our cloth nappies are holding up really well and are still in good condition after 2 years of every day use
  • if you take the insert out, the cloth nappy shell are great for toilet training and keeping everything contained
  • It’s good to have two sets of resuable nappies – one for the wash and one for use
  • While not recommended, nappy rash cream won’t destroy the absorbancy of the nappy
  • Letting Hailey choose which nappy she wanted out of a choice of two saved us the nappy changing battle when she turned 14 months and gave her a sense of ownership over her choices
  • Hand and nail brush from kmart or the Warehouse makes a really good nappy scrubber for stains
  • During summer and on really hot days, they make stylish statements and looks polished in contrast to disposable nappies
  • the dryer doesn’t crack our nappy shells (some lower quality PU shells crack in the heat)

Overall, we’ve saved an estimated $3700 in nappy costs over these past 2 years – not bad for a $145 initial investment if you get your nappies from us. For some, it may seem like a big amount but the long term effect for your wallet is much kinder. Not only that, even if you get a small pack, it can still make a major difference and dent in your weekly budgets.