From birth, babies do not appear to be able to do much but their brains are rapidly growing. Neurons are connecting and being created, helping make pathways in the brain. Every day they are learning at such a high speed rate. Here are five activities you can do with your baby to aide their learning development and growth.

  1. Skin to Skin Care

Putting your baby against your naked skin helps with bonding between parent and child. It is also great for your emotional health as lack of sleep can contribute to short tempers and judgement. Holding your baby skin to skin impacts positively on your senses, releases oxytocin, reduces crying and enhances parent-baby communication.

  1. Walks

Taking your baby for walks increases bonding and is also a form of sensory enhancement. As you take your baby for a walk, they are being exposed to the elements which helps increase their immunity to the outside world. Not only that, you are also benefiting from the exercise as well.

  1. Singing and talking

Language is one of the most critical elements that a baby will have to learn. Singing and talking to your baby helps with their ability to pick up the sounds and sentence structures. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can talk about your day, what you plan to do, the things around you such as what they are wearing, what you are wearing etc. It may seem strange at first but if you persist, it will come naturally.

If you’re stuck for what to say to your baby, you can always grab a book and start reading out loud.

  1. Dancing

Dancing helps with bonding, sensory, language and digestive relief. If your baby is having a bit of gas or is upset, put on some music and do a little dance with them in your arms. The movement will help calm your baby down or help bring up the gas.

  1. Baby yoga / Exercise

Yes, you can do baby exercises such as bicycle kicks, balancing on a squishy ball or even baby “pull ups” can help increase muscle tone and development, bonding and develop their bodily awareness.