New Zealand is a special place, especially in some areas where you can have all four season in one day. Every season brings its own challenges when it comes to doing the laundry – along with a bucket load of nappies waiting to be washed.

Here are 9 tips on how to deal with your reusable nappies, in whatever season the weather brings you.

  1. Outer shells tend to dry a lot quicker because they don’t hold any moisture. The sun also acts as a natural de-stainer towards any unwanted colouring caused by your little one’s poos.
  2. If you scrub gently straight away, the stains usually don’t stick to the inside of our Sassy Little Badger’s nappies.
  3. Absorbancy is often reduced over time. The trick is to give inserts a soak in water and an extra round of rinsing to get rid of detergent residue build-up.
  4. Our nappies are fitted up to 15 kgs – which is approximately up to 3 years old. The elastic around the legs is what makes or breaks the nappy and the ability to contain leakages. Be sure to ‘hang’ the shell draping across the middle with the outer shell inside and outer lining out towards the sun. This will help preserve the elastic around the legs and maximise its normal lifespan.
  5. It’s alright to put our nappies in the dryer  – especially the shell. We do it all the time. Putting inserts in the dryer may change the texture of the microfiber over time due to constant exposure to extreme heat. It’s best to dry on low when it comes to inserts to help maintain the absorbancy.
  6. To maintain the absorbency of the inserts, a trick we personally use is to partially dry them overnight and then finish it off in the dryer the next morning.
  7.  Generally, 10 nappies are enough for a decent daily washing rotation. During winter, you may need an extra set of 5 because nappy inserts do take a bit longer. Alternatively, you can increase the number of inserts in rotation as shells dry a lot faster. The more nappies you have in rotation, the longer they will last as well since you’re not washing them as much.
  8. Drying your nappies on a clothes airer can help you make the most of the sunshine. It’s portable and quick to collect if it starts to rain. Also works a treat for overnight drying.
  9. Be sure to disassemble the nappies and giving them a quick rinse before throwing in the bucket for washing. This will reduce the smell of wees (especially in summer) and help maintain absorbency over time because the inserts holding acid and stains while waiting to be washed. While little one’s wees are fairly weak in the beginning, once they start eating solids, their wees starts to become stronger in smell and acidity.

And that’s our top tips for dealing with nappies through the seasons. We hope you’ve found them helpful. They are based on our own personal experience of using our Sassy Little Badgers nappies – so be sure to check out our fantastic prints and awesome packs.