As your breasts increase size, you are most likely shopping around for a new bra. It is important that you select a maternity bra rather than just increasing your regular bra’s cup size. This is because maternity bras are specially designed for comfort and extra support through wider straps and bands, with extension hook and eyes available as your upper body grows to prepare for the many months of breastfeeding ahead.

Why do I need a maternity bra?

The first four months of pregnancy is when you’ll experience the most change when it comes to your breasts. They’ll continue to grow throughout your pregnancy and a support maternity bra can help avoid the over-stretching of delicate breast tissue that can lead to sagging. When buying your first maternity bras, consider buying with a bit of room to grow. As your breasts and belly expands, that extra room will feel godsend to your comfort levels.

How do I know when I’ll need to switch from my normal day-to-day bra to a maternity bra?

The general rule is – if your current bra feels tight and uncomfortable, then it’s time to start shopping. Your band may be getting too small or the cup size no longer fits as your breasts expands to prepare for its future role in your baby’s life.

What’s the difference between a nursing bra and a maternity bra?

A maternity bra is similar to a regular bra but is designed to have more support and no underwire. Usually, it is recommended that you get a maternity bra without underwire. However, if you are an DD cup or higher, underwire may be just what you need for that extra support.

A nursing bra is essentially a maternity bra but with clasps and panels that allows for easy access to the nipples for breastfeeding. Nursing and maternity bras are usually interchangeable as they both provide an extra level of comfort and support for growing and breastfeeding.

How many maternity/nursing bras do I need?

A lot depends on your budget and how often you do your laundry. Often three bras is a good amount to rotate. Also, later in your pregnancy and once you start breastfeeding, you may experience leakage. Wearing a clean bra can help prevent infections such as mastitis. Mastitis is a common bacterial infection that can inflame your breasts by entering the milk ducts through the cracks of your nipples.