The sheer amount of nappy changes per day often comes as a surprise for new parents. For the first few weeks, you can go through approximately 10 to 12 nappy changes in a day. That’s a good 70 to 84 nappies per week or 300 to 360 in your first month. While babies do poo and wee less as they get older, we’re only talking about 2-4 less nappy changes per day.

Disposable nappies often come in large packs and equate to about $0.20 to $0.64 per nappy, the amount that a baby is capable of going through can amaze you. If we average the number of nappy changes to 55 per week, that’s approximately $11 – $35.20 per week, depending on the brand and what sales are on. While the cheaper brands may seem appealing due to lower price, it may cost you more as they may not be as absorbent or more prone to leaking and therefore more nappy changes overall. This means, your nappy changing upkeep can cost anywhere between $44 to $140 per month.

The cost of reusable cloth nappies may appear larger due to the initial investment needed but it’s actually approximately around a two month’s worth of disposable nappies, if not less. Reusable cloth nappiess are a once off cost. Not only that, if you have another baby, these cloth nappies can also be reused without any further investment.

The only on-going cost of reusable cloth nappies is your water and electricity bill. If water is not an issue in your area and the cost of running a few extra load of washing is not that high, your final ‘extras’ bill for your baby can range anywhere between $10 – $35 extra per month. Don’t forget to account for the cost of any special, sensitive or fragrance free detergents you may want to use on your cloth nappies as well. Overall, the extras cost per month is still much smaller than buying nappies every week. In the long run, you can save anywhere between $1500 to $3000 over your baby’s nappy wearing days on cloth nappies.