The answer is: around 24 – 30 cloth nappies  to cover 2 days at minimum. Why 2 days worth of cloth nappies? One day is for wearing and the other day is for washing.

24-30 cloth nappies does sound like a bit in upfront costs but the long term savings are immense in comparison.

For the next 2-3 years and up until your child is toilet trained, you’re going to need nappies. At its cheapest, disposable nappies are around $15 per 50 pieces pack. At first it doesn’t sound like much but 50 may or may not last the week. Some babies also have super sensitive skin and can react to the cheap materials used.

On the higher end of things, a bag of higher quality disposable nappies can set you back $35 – $50 per week. When you’re down to a single income and possibly a lot less weekly pay from your maternity leave payments, every dollar starts to count.

The cost of having a baby is like eating out every day. The daily spends doesn’t seem like much – $10 here for a kebab, $10 there for drinks and fries. But when you do the math for the entire week, it can add up to a good $50 to $100, except in the form of nappies.

In comparison to disposables, reusable nappies are better for the environment and a much healthier option for your wallet. It’s the equivalent of having home cooked meals and packing your lunch. The weekly groceries up front costs might be bigger but much cheaper in comparison to eating out every day.

Another thing with cloth nappies is that you don’t have to buy the whole 24 – 30 nappies right away. You can accumulate it over time. If your baby is not here yet, buying a couple of reusable cloth nappies each month can add up to the quantities that you’ll need when your little bundle arrives. If your baby is already here, a pack of 3 nappies every other week (which equates to putting away $4.60 a day) can help reduce your weekly overall costs in the long run.